Cajun Red Rock

3F Atrium Megamall, Cinema level Robinson's Galleria, Pasig City Manila
638-8387 / 415-2605

Restaurant Review

The Cajun Red Rock restaurant is in Robinsons Galleria, which is conveniently located in Ortigas Center, and is a fantastic place to eat, the food is excellent, and the service is very quick and friendly. My wife an I recently had dinner here, we had not been here in a good while, but it was very nice to see that the food quality was still excellent and the service was just as good as it had always been.

What I really love about the Cajun Red Rock restaurant in Ortigas Center is that here you can enjoy lunch or dinner in a comfortable family setting, enjoy really good for a very reasonable price, and finding this combination is not always that easy, even in a city the size of Manila. The Cajun Red Rock has been one of our favorite Manila restaurants since 2006, and after 6 years we still enjoy the good food and friendly service.

On the date of our last visit to the Cajun Red Rock restaurant my wife and I enjoyed the Chicken Peppered which is a grilled chicken breast smothered in a sweet mustard pepper sauce that is absolutely fantastic, really the sauce was so excellent, and this dish also has a choice of two side dishes.

My wife enjoyed the Chicken Marsala, which is also a grilled chicken breast topped with a sweet marsala sauce, and is very good, this dish also has a choice of two side dishes. 

For desert we both enjoy the wonderful Chocolate Dipping Sticks, super excellent if you are a chocolate lover.

Cajun Red Rock Restaurant is a fantastic Manila restaurant, and we gladly offer our recommendation as a great family restaurant, clean, friendly and excellent food.

Complementary Popcorn
Main Course:
Chicken Peppersauce
Chicken Marsala
PHP300 / per person approximately

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